Alert! These 5 Daily Bad Habits Can Trigger Brain Health Disorders, Avoid them Right Now

Alert! These 5 Daily Bad Habits Can Trigger Brain Health Disorders, Avoid them Right Now

Brain health is so important as we age. A sharp brain makes a person independent longer when entering a new chapter of life.

Medical expert, Dr. Mike Bohl said that with age some parts of the brain will shrink, blood flow can decrease, and some nerve cells may not work efficiently.

"This may sound classic, but when it comes to brain health, there's no better substitute than a healthy diet, exercise, enough sleep, and reducing stress," said Mike, quoted from the PMJ News page.

Mike Bohl also revealed five daily habits that are bad for the brain, including:

1. Not socializing

Socializing keeps the brain sharp and improves cognitive function.

"You can socialize in person like going out with friends, or socialize in other ways, like talking to a family member on the phone," he says.

2. Stress

Constant stress and other medical ailments can negatively affect the brain.

Cortisol levels will regularly increase, which can lead to other problems with sleep, digestion, and the immune system.

Stress can actually change the structure of the brain, killing new cells in the brain, and putting you at greater risk of suffering from mental illness.

3. Drink alcohol

A bad habit for the brain is consuming alcohol.

The brain can be compromised by drinking too much beer, wine or cocktails.

Drinking alcohol can make it difficult for the areas of the brain responsible for memory, balance and speech to do their brain work effectively.

4. Not getting enough sleep

It is very important to have enough sleep. Quality sleep can recharge and restore the mind.

If you don't get enough rest, a person may become forgetful, irritable, depressed, or fall frequently.

"Older adults tend to need less sleep than younger adults (seven to eight hours instead of seven to nine), but it's just as important," explains Mike.

5. Less mobile

Simply put, a sedentary lifestyle is not good for overall health and brain health.***