Bitcoin Investors Must Watch 8+ Events in April

Bitcoin Investors Must Watch 8+ Events in April

Heading into Week 16, the crypto asset market has been busy with lots of activity and significant events that have had a significant impact on the industry. With the movement of major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), investors are eagerly hoping for the realization of an end to the bear market.

In this regard, CakeDeFi CEO Julian Hosp took to his Twitter to post ten important things investors should watch out for. The ten important things are:

  1. Bitcoin (Selling BUSD and Buying TUSD)
    The recent Bitcoin price movement has been heavily influenced by BUSD selling and TUSD buying. Investors should keep an eye on these price triggers, as they can greatly influence market sentiment and the direction of leading cryptocurrencies.

  2. Ethereum (Staking Flow)
    Staking flow as is known has become the center of attention of its investors. The reason is, Ethereum 2.0 continues to move forward, where investors must carefully observe the staking flow so as not to miss information. More users locking up their Ether (ETH) for staking, could increase security and decentralize the network, potentially leading to price appreciation.

  3. China's Q1 GDP release on Monday
    The release of China's Q1 GDP data on Monday could have implications for the crypto market at large. Strong economic data from the world's second largest economy has the potential to increase investor confidence in digital assets.

  4. US Housing Data
    Investors should pay attention to the release of US housing data on Tuesday. This, however, can provide insight into the health of the American real estate market. A strong housing sector could indicate a steady increase in consumer and economic spending, which could have a positive impact on the crypto market.

  5. European inflation
    The scheduled release of inflation figures from the Eurozone on Wednesday could potentially lead investors to seek alternative investments such as cryptocurrencies if inflation rates are high.

  6. Earnings Season (Tesla Earnings)
    Tesla's earnings release on Wednesday could affect overall market sentiment and investment. This is because some experts predict results that are lower than expected.

  7. DeFiChains
    The revamped DeFiChain Foundation website along with its Devnet will launch this week. These enhancements will add to the user experience and potentially increase DeFiChain's value in the marketplace.

  8. Cake (YieldVault Update and Expansion)
    Cake Enterprise has announced that the product is now ready, and interested parties can explore potential partnerships and learn more about the services offered. Cake introduces exciting updates and additional options with YieldVault. This update is expected to offer better returns for customers and help grow the DeFiChain community.

  9. Cake: Crypto Investor Meeting
    Finally, Cake's Crypto is holding a meeting for investors today. This meeting was held to provide valuable insights for investors about the market and network with fellow crypto enthusiasts.