Four things you need to know on Marathon Monday and Patriots Day

Four things you need to know on Marathon Monday and Patriots Day

Four things you need to know on Marathon Monday and Patriots Day

Hello Boston. To kick off the marathon on Monday, which is also Patriot Day, here are five things you need to know from Boston Business News.

  1. This restaurant opened the day after the marathon bombing. Here's why.
    The day after the marathon bombing, most Back Bay restaurants remained closed. But it's not Joe's American Grill. Grant Welker explains to Joe, the regional manager, why.

  2. Luxury Seaport tower’s new amenity: A seaplane
    Grant Welker reports that residents of the new Seaport St. Regis Residences will soon enjoy superior amenities over luxury buildings elsewhere in the city that are directly accessible by seaplane. 

  3. Everett: 'No longer a dumping ground'
    The city of Everett is one of the Boston suburbs experiencing a population boom. It is now ditching its reputation as a giant power plant, acres of oil reservoir and scrap yard.

  4. Three rounds of layoffs in less than a year
    A Boston-based cybersecurity firm has decided to furlough 128 employees primarily involved in market entry and corporate functions. This is the third layoff since last June.

It's Marathon Monday — Happy Patriots Day!

Today is one of the best days for Bostonians. I hear many locals are trying to get out of town this weekend, but I love coming into town for the weekend before the marathon on Monday. I'm trying to figure out my destination using the Google Maps app. But whether you're a runner or a non-runner, there's always a Red Sox game day. Of course, there is also Patriot Day. 

It's your day off, but you don't want to be in town with finishers walking around wrapped in tin foil blankets. Visit Lexington or Concord for parades and commemorations marking the Battle of Lexington and Concord and the start of the American Revolutionary War. Or you could watch a movie about dolls.

That's right (thanks to Mike Deehan of Axios who covered the Muppet Madness Marathon at the Brattle Theater in last week's newsletter): Starts at noon in Harvard Square (and possibly finishes 10 hours later in the same theater seats) high), you can: Watch The Muppet Movie, The Great Muppet Caper, The Muppets Take Manhattan, The Dark Crystal, and Labyrinth all back-to-back.Honestly, if you haven't seen David Bowie (and Tina Turner's hairstyle) and Jennifer Connelly in Labyrinth, you should see it right away.