How to Delete E-mails in Gmail that are Accumulating Quickly

Gmail e-mails that are piling up and too many are sometimes quite annoying. Generally, e-mail that accumulates comes from unwanted e-mail or spam. E-mail spam like this usually comes from the promotion of a product. This is what makes e-mail pile up . 

Especially if you are an e-mail user for many years. E-mail that is piling up is what often hinders users from searching for other important e-mails. To overcome this, of course, you have to delete a lot of e-mails that are not important. 

But deleting e-mails manually and one by one takes a long time and is inefficient. Therefore, in the following, KompasTekno summarizes a tutorial on how to quickly and practically delete e-mails that have piled up all at once. Here are the steps.

How to delete e-mails that have piled up all at once

how to delete emails that have piled up
  1. Open the Google Mail app on the PC 
  2. Select "Inbox" 
  3. Then in the search bar type older_than:year of the e-mail you want to delete. For example, "older_than:2y" without the quotes 
  4. A list of e-mails that have piled up two years ago will appear later 
  5. Click the tick and select the “Deleted” icon 
  6. After that your old e-mails are all deleted quickly 
Apart from that, you can also delete unwanted Gmail e-mails automatically through certain filters. Here's how.

How to delete unwanted e-mails automatically

how to delete automatic e-mail
  1. Open Gmail via your PC or mobile 
  2. Log into your Gmail account 
  3. Tap the “Show browsing options” icon to the right of the search field 
  4. Type the sender's name in the "From" field, here you must know the name of the sender of the e-mail you don't want. 
  5. For example the name of a product or service 
  6. After that click “Create filter” 
  7. Check the filter section "Delete" Then click "Create filter" again 
  8. Done, now unwanted e-mails will be deleted automatically
Those are some ways to delete unwanted and accumulated e-mail quickly and practically. In addition, users can also delete e-mails in Gmail permanently. As for how you can see in the article " How to Permanently Delete All Emails in Gmail " below. I hope this helps.